A precursor to modafinil, the drug adrafinil is metabolized by the body to produce modafinil. It is basically a synthetic compound used to increase the modafinil concentration in the body. When it comes to usage of this drug, it has to be under strict control and observation – too much of adrafinil or modafinil can prove to be dangerous too. Here are a few pros and cons of adrafinil:


Fights sleepiness:
Adrafinil is known to be very effective to keep the mind and body awake and alert. Intake of adrafinil will help you shrug off all the tiredness and increase your capacity to stay wakeful. It doesn’t make you hyperactive; it just wards off all the sleepiness.


Improves memory:
Controlled doses of adrafinil are known to improve concentration levels and memory too. So adrafinil is for those looking to boost their cognitive abilities. However, this has yet to be proved. But the probability of the fact being true is very high.

Reduces the intensity of depression symptoms:
Adrafinil is known to keep the mind in a state of happiness, making it an excellent drug to combat depression. Through side effects have been reported, immediate deterioration of the depressive state of mind.

It has to be noted that adrafinil is not to be consumed in any amounts, as it’s safety and free usage have not yet been proved. The abuse of this drug can lead to the following issues:



Toxin concentration in the liver:
Use of adrafinil over a long period has lead to accumulation of toxins in the liver in many cases. Though there are drugs to tackle the toxicity this drug causes to the liver, it is always advisable to keep a tab on the health of the liver while consuming adrafinil.

Rise in blood pressure:
Some cases showed adverse reactions in the form of rising blood pressure levels. Some also reported heart issues following intake of adrafinil.

Facial movement disorders:
In some rare cases, the disorientation of facial movements has also been noted.

On a conclusive note, the only thing to keep in mind is, after all, adrafinil is a drug. It is a chemical composition which will have benefits and adverse effects of unmonitored consumption prevail too.